Remembering USU

Remembering USU


Professor Olson of the USU Piano Department had the idea of presenting their graduating seniors with a gift that would help them remember their time spent at USU. His instructions to me? Create a piece of art the represented the campus, highlight Old Main and all Music-related things, and make it have lots of details that the students could have fun discovering.


I picked buildings that I thought might be significant to the majority of students. I also included experiences . . . for example, watching the fireworks on the 4th of July from a comfortable blanket on the ground by the cemetery or making the trek down to Herm’s for cinnamon rolls! And to become a true, blue Aggie, kiss your sweetheart on the “A” bench in front of Old Main at midnight.


One of the details that was fun for me was turning the Raging “Meet the Challenge” Aggie Bull on the front corner of campus into a pianist. And did you know that the Music Department is the proud parent of a $500,000 Fazioli, one of the most amazing pianos in the world?


This piece came to life through alcohol ink markers and gel pens.