A Mushroom of Every Stripe

A Mushroom of Every Stripe


This is the first piece of art I made. I was learning about alcohol inks and their blending capabilities. For the forefront ground, beyond blending similar colors, I tried blending colors quite different from each other. Also, I have to be careful because sometimes I fall asleep when I am drawing and then all kinds of strange, sleep-drawing things happen. When I discover the damage I either ditch the work or see how creative I can be in making the new, unintentional lines/colors work. The black and gold mushroom was born to cover an episode of sleep-drawing. It became my favorite mushroom!


Small: 7.5 x 5 in a 10 x 8 white mat ready to frame.

Medium: 12 x 8 in a 16 x 12 white mat ready to frame.


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