About Laura Zisette

Laura Zisette

Artist and musician Laura Zisette uses inks to portray her passion for color, whimsy, and often humor. The vibrancy and folksy nature of her works have been influenced by the places she has lived and visited. Ms. Zisette was raised on a remote farm in rural Idaho. Hard work, animals, music, family and adventure defined those years.


Ms. Zisette is a classically trained musician. She lived in Utah for many years, teaching university and raising her family. She also enjoys playing other styles including folk, jazz, celtic and funk. She plays for dances all over the United States with her band, Toss the Possum. She has lived in Minneapolis, a city known for it’s culture and diversity. She spent many years in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia, an area rich in the folk traditions of Southern Appalachia. She began what she calls her 'art therapy' in 2014. She currently resides in Providence, Utah.