Bold Instruments


I really wanted to try an abstract with a see-through effect. I had a great time layering these instruments to see what hues would appear. Music is not static and especially the music made by the musicians that I get to play with. They are all wonderful improv players. The curves symbolize the organic nature of music. Also, I am learning to have respect for the way a particular piece of art can resonate with a particular person, usually for reasons that we don’t understand, and sometimes reasons that even they don’t understand. I was at a week-long arts fair and received a lot of interest in other art pieces which I had there, but no one had even looked sideways at this piece. And then, 5 minutes before wrapping up a 36-hour show, a tall, handsome 20-something guy walked in, looked straight at it and said, “I have to have that. I don’t care what it costs!” It spoke to someone! What a great feeling!